Hearings of criminality, detention, inadmissibility and removal will be conducted at Immigration Division (ID). Detention reviews are also conducted at ID for persons being detained under the Immigration and Refugee protection Act.

Detention Reviews

Individuals may be detained by the CBSA if they are determined to be inadmissible and a flight risk. Any person detained by the CBSA must be brought before the ID for a detention review within the 48 hours of the detention. The subsequent detention reviews are done after 7 days and then after every 30 days unless an application by counsel or CBSA is made for an early detention review.

We represent clients at the ID and plead for release on terms and conditions that could involve placing a bond for the release.

Misrepresentation Appeals

An allegation of misrepresentation by the CBSA or IRCC can have serious consequences on a person’s ability to enter or remain in Canada. In some cases the misrepresentation can be caused by a misunderstanding of the officer about the person’s situation. We work with our clients to address the reasons and seek relief at the ID.

Removal Order Appeals

A removal order can be issued to permanent residents of Canada on allegations dealing with criminality, organized crime, human rights violations, security issues, revocation of Canadian citizenship, or a failure to abide by a Departure Order. Our team of professional immigration lawyers at Riasat Immigration Services assist you in the removal Order Appeal to the IAD right after you receive the refusal ?

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