The Refugee Protection Division (RPD) is a division of the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) that deals with refugee claims inside Canada and at the port of entry of Canada. These claims are made by individuals inside Canada or upon entry at the airport or border. After processing, the CBSA or the IRCC offices then forward the claims to RPD if the applications are eligible. Our team at Riasat Immigration Services. represents and prepares the clients throughout the process.

For people fearing persecution based on race, religion, gender, political opinion and membership in a particular social class the case may be determined under the convention refugee clause of the Immigration Act. For persons seeking refuge due to fear of torture or risk of life for all other reasons the case may be determined under the person in need of protection clause of the Immigration Act. The RPD looks at issues such as identity, credibility, subjective fear, objective fear, state protection, and internal flight alternatives when deciding a refugee claim. We advise, prepare and guide our clients to submit their case and the supporting evidence in a timely way. We also prepare our clients for the eligibility interviews and refugee hearings.

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